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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

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What Is a Emergency Dental Situation?

A dental emergency can be a frightening experience and place a great deal of concern over your teeth. In these situations however, it is important to remain calm and concentrate on preventing bleeding or additional injury. You can use acetaminophen to help alleviate the pain.

If the emergency condition becomes something that threatens your life, dial 911 for emergency medical services or to be placed in a hospital room. Some of the most commonly experienced dental cases involve debris gathered under the gum line, a lost filling or crown, broken teeth, or periodontal infection. You can see your dentist for an accurate diagnosis or screening of the emergency condition.

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When pain occurs, immediate attention and treatment is necessary. A knocked out teeth can be saved with the most prompt action. The tooth must be placed in a safe container so it can be reinserted in the case where the sockets may still accept it. You avoid further damage by having a crown or filling replaced. When damage has reached the root, professional treatment is necessary to prevent complications affecting your overall health.

Regardless of the type of dental emergency you are experiencing, Dr. Sameer in Huntington Beach and Marina del Rey can help you with qualified, timely, and professional care.

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