Dental Crowns

Dental crowns make repairing your smile a simple and easy to manage process. You can enjoy having a sturdy and reliable cover for your damaged tooth that is nice to look at too. A proper dental crown can cover damage, offer protection, and give your tooth a better look than ever before. Crowns make your teeth more resilient to damage and offer a beautiful polished surface that is sure to liven up your smile. People like crowns because they protect their teeth, but they love them because they give them back their stunning smile.

A dental crown is a mechanism that can offer some incredibly benefits to damaged or unsightly teeth. Whether you are recovering from extreme tooth decay or you have a tooth that just doesn’t look quite like the others, dental crowns can help. They provide a new synthetic tooth alternative that makes it easier than ever for you to manage your smile. A good dental crown will fit in perfectly with your teeth, restore your bite, and provide a strong and durable surface for chewing for years to come. 

The traditional dental crown is made of porcelain, which is our product of choice for a few key reasons. First, porcelain is the closest material to a natural tooth that we have found. Since it is a polished white surface, it blends in perfectly with your other teeth. More importantly, it is strong and incredibly resilient, which means that you can chew with confidence for years to come. Even better, despite the fact that it is incredibly durable, it is also gentle enough to not damage your other teeth as you chew. When we fix you up with a porcelain crown, you won’t even realize that it isn’t your real tooth.

Dental Crowns Can Help With:

  • Physical tooth damage
  • Damage caused by excessive cavities
  • Damage caused by decaying teeth
  • Protection against further damage for sensitive teeth
  • Covering of discolored or abnormal teeth

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