Endodontics Root Canal

When the average person hears “root canal” they end up wanting to run for the hills. Though having a root canal might not be preferred, we love to offer this service to our patients because it can save a decaying or infected tooth without being too invasive. This process involves removing the nerve and dental pulp, then sealing it off. It makes it possible for us to save your tooth, even if it is in rough shape. With our team, you can rely on a quick and easy procedure that will have your tooth preserved in no time.

Endodontics is the practice of saving teeth. We know that people tend to be more comfortable with losing their original teeth, which is why we work hard to save them when we can, no matter how extensive the damage is. Our endodontics are committed to providing you with quality care and service to help your teeth carry on serving you for the foreseeable future. The most common procedure associated with this field is the root canal, which helps save damaged teeth by addressing problems at the root.

A root canal involves reaching a layer under the tooth’s enamel called the pulp. This soft tissue is home to a variety of components, including nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues. For this procedure, we simply go into the tooth and remove the pulp. While pulp is important during the development of a tooth, it serves almost no purpose after that. Since the pulp is what tends to get infected, removing it allows your endodontist to remove the infection alongside it and restore the health of your tooth. This is completed by sealing up the restoration area through the use of a crown or other cover option. Many people find this to be a less invasive and more financially beneficial alternative to receiving a complete implant.

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