Teeth Whitening

When cosmetic concerns such as discoloration or stains appear, teeth whitening, or teeth bleaching, is the common solution. They reverse discoloration and make the teeth appear “whiter”, resulting in a brighter looking smile.

Teeth discoloration can be caused by coffee, tea, cigarettes, or the natural process of aging. Keeping a white smile is difficult when you consume these beverages or foods daily. With a proper teeth whitening procedure, you can restore the natural color of your teeth or make them appear whiter than before.

A tray whitening system consists of two steps. An impression of your teeth will be created and custom trays are provide. A whitening gel is applied to the trays for a short time. The trays will be worn and after a period of time, you will achieve a whiter smile by up to eight shades.

To determine your candidacy for teeth whitening, call the Huntington Beach office of Dr. Sameer Aljanedi and schedule an appointment today.

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