Dental Implants

Looking for dental implants in Huntington Beach? Beachside Dental is here to help. Sometimes, tooth loss is inevitable, due to gum disease, injuries, or simply age. All the same, we know that such tooth loss can feel monumental. But we can replace that loss with a dental implant, which is a clean solution to the loss of a tooth or teeth.

Your teeth were created to last for a lifetime, but it doesn’t work out that way every time. Missing teeth can be a major functional and cosmetic problem, replacing them is important to maintain your dental health. With tooth loss, you can lose your chewing ability and can potentially lose other teeth. Dental implants from Beachside Dental are the first option available for replacing lost teeth.

Patients have been treated with these restorative procedures for more than 40 years. This is the ideal treatment choice and can fundamentally correct all aspects of a smile. It provides cosmetic benefits, improved functions, and delivers greater confidence.

How a Dental Implant Works

Missing ToothDentures are another tooth replacement option, but dental implants are state of the art, permanent, and very natural looking. Patients who select dental implants as a tooth replacement option are uniformly satisfied with the natural look and feel of these replacement teeth. At Beachside Dental we can provide the dental implants Huntington Beach patients need.

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Not sure what dental implants are, exactly? They’re strong artificial teeth and roots which are placed directly in the jaw in order to support and hold both a replacement tooth or bridge.

They look just like your natural teeth, and are one of the best solutions for missing teeth, because of the way they seamlessly integrate right into your bone structure. This implant technique will prevent both bone loss and any gum recession.

Teeth implants mean there’s no need for you to adjust or alter adjacent teeth, either. And once the implant has taken place, you can speak and eat comfortably, and you’ll smile securely, assured of the natural look and feel of your replacement tooth or teeth.

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