Sedation Dentistry

There are some procedures that you might not want to be awake for, and we get that. Many people experience a heightened sense of anxiety in response to dental surgeries, which is why we offer sedation dentists to make your experience easier. With our sedation services, you can arrive at our office, sleep through your procedure, and wake back up when it is all over. Our experts are ready to guarantee your comfort throughout the surgical process, and are more than ready to help individuals with a wide range of sensitivities using all of the common sedation techniques.

Oral Sedation

For those who would like to relax but don’t want to be completely asleep, we can provide you with an ingestible sedation alternative. When you take this approach, you will be awake for the procedure,  but you will also be completely relaxed and calm. It is common for individuals who take this to also become somewhat sleepy, but it will wear off over time. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Most people know this option as laughing gas and are familiar with this option because of hit online videos. For this process, the gas will be administered through a breathing mask. You will remain completely awake throughout the procedure, but you will feel more relaxed and, at times, a little silly. When your procedure is over, the gas will be taken away and you will return to your normal functions.

IV Sedation

For more intensive surgeries or individuals who would really rather not remain awake during the procedure, a sedative can be administered through an IV, which will put you to sleep until the procedure is over.

Sedation Might Be Right for You If You:

  • Experience anxiety surrounding surgeries or dental procedures
  • Are uncomfortable with the sounds of dental tools or your teeth being worked on
  • Would simply prefer to sleep through the procedure
  • Have a known sensitivity to other surgical procedures

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