Most kids would rather eat broccoli than visit the dentist’s office, and we want to see that change. Our staff is highly trained in child psychology and dentistry to provide children and adolescents with a comfortable dental experience. With our team, your child can look forward to a fun and comfort-filled time that will keep them distracted from all the yucky dentist stuff. We aim to provide your kids with a pleasant experience so that they can learn the importance of good dental hygiene!

We know that kids can be a little bit nervous about the dentist. Though we believe that dentists are perfectly nice people who only want to help everyone out, a trip to the dentist can be a bit overwhelming for our younger audiences. Our team recognizes that dentist offices have a much broader range of stimuli than most other places do, and that can be a lot for kids, particularly children who have sensitivities to incoming stimuli. There are strange new people, a lot of odd noises, and the unusual sensation of someone poking around at your teeth and gums. With this in mind, we aim to treat kids with a little extra care.

The approach that we take to children is largely built on child psychology. Our staff works hard to ensure that your kids not only know that they are safe, but also have a little fun if they can. We aim to create a calm and secure environment that is gently designed to help your kiddos feel good about getting their teeth cleaned. We believe that by showing kids that there is nothing to be afraid of at a young age, we can help to create a lifelong commitment to good oral hygiene. Our team members all work to ensure that your children feel cared for, supported, and listened to. We encourage them to communicate with us and have a little fun while we are at it.

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